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About Heart Meets Home

Heart Meets Home is founded by Chris & Jessica Craig. One evening the at a neighborhood Mexican food restaurant, Jessica’s goal of becoming a Broker was mentioned. The idea evolved and the business plan was created on a napkin. In 2010 we opened a family owned Boutique Brokerage that helps people with their housing needs in every chapter of their lives. 
Chapters Of Lives
1. Young Adult renting a place for the first time, we will help locate and review the lease agreements for you.  We will be a resource when you have questions.  
2. Stepping Into Homeownership by buying your first home.  We will help you locate, negotiate and introduce you to our network of people to help make your house a home.  
3. Moving up is when you need more space or you desire a different features in your home.  We can help you coordinate the timeline to sell your first home and purchase your next home.
4. Chapter of Change. You know the one constant thing in life is change.  Sometimes your living situation changes due to marriage or divorce or unfortunately death.  Our REALTORS can help you evaluate your options and make the right decision for you situation.  
5. Stability & Investment.  90% of all Milionaires started with investing in real estate. We can talk with you about which track to follow on your investment plan to reach your financial goals.  We will help you locate, negotiate, property manage and your investment and taking the stress away too.   

Moving is overwhelming task and one you only do a few times in your lifetime. When you become one of our clients we become your advocate. We speak for you and make sure you get the best deal. We protect your interest and reduce your stress. There are so many things happening when you life is packed away in boxes. We make this time of your life easier.

Call us and one of our REALTORS will start helping you with your real estate needs.


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